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The world doesn’t often agree on an idea, but 2020 has finessed that: most people are agreed that they cannot remember a more difficult year. Turning over a calendar leaf may not achieve much in real terms; the pandemic will not vanish overnight. But the dawning of a new year can change our attitude, even put the spring back in our step. In short, a new year signifies hope. And when there has been darkness there is nothing more welcome than the first ray of light.


So welcome to a year of hope, of revival, of living.


This website is an indulgence - a digging into the past, a whimsical reliving of some moments from my parallel journeys as a diplomat and writer over the last four decades. It is also a personal scrapbook, a quick and incomplete selection of words written and spoken; much else still lies in boxes full of cuttings, photographs, pen drives and CD-ROMs. But I hope that even in this imperfect form a visitor who happens to drop by will get a flavour of these journeys.


I am sure that the helpful folk at Social Friendly, who have designed and filled these pages will keep this website ticking and give it more depth. But we were keen to get it going now, if for nothing else then to give ourselves the conviction that life is movement, and a difficult year has passed.



Navtej Sarna

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