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We Weren't Lovers Like That

At the beginning of the new millennium, Aftab's life came undone. He turned forty, and his wife of fourteen years left him for another man, taking their only child with her. Now he is on a train to Dehradun, the town of his childhood, doing the one thing he feels he is still good at : running away. As he looks back on his imperfect past, crowded with personal and professional compromises, only a slim hope saves his from despair: perhaps this flight will give him a second chance to reclaim a long-lost love that could have been his, had he the courage of his convictions. And then he can start afresh.

With uncommon sensitivity and a rare understanding of human emotions, Navtej Sarna has produced a poignant account of a life of missed opportunities and approximate loves.

Extracts from Reviews

"Exquisitely written, deeply felt, introspective and evocative, Navtej Sarna's first novel marks an auspicious debut"

Shashi Tharoor


" Sarna has described the middle class Indian's many dilemmas....with moods ranging from cynicism to frustration  but never without compassion. A novel out of the ordinary and very much worth reading."

The Hindu


"Navtej Sarna's shimmering meditation on love and loss becomes a compelling journey through the haunted landscapes of memory."

Vikram Chandra

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