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Why world is bracing for return of ‘Agent Orange’

91 felony indictments later, Trump is exploiting courtrooms as election platforms. Republican nomination almost certainly in his pocket, he is also getting help from disenchanted Democrats

There is an unmistakable sense of déjà vu: Donald Trump is again in the vortex of American news cycle. Judging by past form, he will manipulate it to his purposes. Once again it will be open season for swipes and scandal, froth and fulmination. Ripples of uncertainty will spread far and wide, beyond US shores. Trump in driver’s seat?: It may not have looked likely when his first presidency ended in assault on US Congress, but Trump is once again strongly positioned to be Republican nominee to challenge Joe Biden. Most pundits believe this could happen as soon as March 5 or Super Tuesday when the largest number of states and territories choose their preferred nominee. But Nikki Haley, his only surviving Republican challenger, “scrappy” by her own definition — and true to her Punjabi roots — has not yet given up.


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